Digital Compression Scale - Gammex 163-DIG

Digital Compression Scale - Gammex 163-DIG

Gammex 163-DIG - Detachable Display Panel

Detachable Display Panel

The Digital Compression Scale uses an array of load cells to measure the compression force applied to the platform. The Scale continuously displays the maximum force as applied by the compression paddle and is thus well suited for testing compression over time. You can freeze the display of the maximum force reading by pressing the Pause/Hold button. Press the Zero button to reset.


Initialization Sequence: Upon power-on, 163-DIG performs a startup sequence countdown. Keep the unit on a flat and stable surface during nitialization. At the end of initialization 163-DIG automatically zeroes.

Zero/Tare: Zero/Tare allows users to zero the scale for relative measurements, or measurements in different orientations. Before any compression measurement is taken, the 163-DIG should be zeroed. (Note: After a tare force is removed, the Scale will read a negative value. Press Zero/Tare to re-zero the 163-DIG.)

Hold/Pause: Hold/Pause allows users to freeze the display on the Scale. Press it again to cancel, or use Zero/Tare.

Overload Warning: Do not exceed the scale capacity – this can cause permanent damage and void warranty. Refer to the Scale Specifications below for the scales capacity. If the scale is overloaded, the display shows Err-0 and the load should be removed immediately.

Energy Saver: The scale automatically powers off after 90-seconds of inactivity to preserve batteries. Activity includes any button presses or change in force measurement.

Routine Checks

Gammex no longer offers certificates of conformance for scales - please seek out a local metrology center for routine recertification if required. If adjustments are needed to dial in the scale, follow instructions below for the calibration process.

Note: Calibration might be required upon first use. This is especially true after an altitude change, where gravitational force can vary for the same body of mass. Calibration of scales should be checked over time as mechanical components are subject to wear.

Calibration Process

Required Equipment: 10 kg certified weight or combination of certified weights.


Avoid contact with alcohol. Wipe after use with a damp cloth, if necessary.

Capacity 0-55 lbs. (0-25 kg)
Accuracy ± 0.005 lb [0 - 2 lb], ± 0.02 lb [2 - 55 lb], ±0.002 kg [0 - 1 kg], ±0.01 kg [1 - 25 kg]
Display Units g, lb:oz, kg, lb, oz
Scale Dimensions 8.9 x 8.2 x 2.9 in. (225 x 208 x 73 mm)
Platform Dimensions 7.87 x 6.22 in. (200 x 158 mm)
Foam Compression Block Dimensions 7.25 x 4.75 x 1 in.
Scale Weight 2 lbs. (0.95 kg)
Power Alkaline Batteries Size C (4x) (not included)
Energy Saver | Auto-Off 90 seconds
Operating Temperature 50 – 104° F (10-40° C)
RoHS Complaint Yes

Models and Ordering
Digital Compression Scale - Gammex 163-DIG 163-DIG Digital Compression Scale
Gammex 163-DIG - Compression Foam Block 603061 Compression Foam Block
Gammex 163-DIG - Soft Case for 163-DIG 805972 Soft Case for 163-DIG (optional)
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