Breast Ultrasound QA Phantom - Kyoto Kagaku
For Monthly Basic Quality Check of Ultrasound Images

Set Includes:
Mass targets block 1 piece
Dot targets block 1 piece
Thermometer 1 piece
Storage case 1 piece

Ultrasound QA phantom for high precision imaging in the high frequency sonography around 10MHz required in breast examination.

For monthly basic quality check of ultrasound images, as well as longer term quality assurance to maintain consistency of the performance of scanners and transducers.

Breast Ultrasound QA Phantom 2

Mass Targets Block (Contrast Resolution)
Mass Targets Block (Contrast Resolution)
Gray Scale Targets
10 step gray scale targets.
Find the optimal gain to visualize all targets clearly and
with even change in echogenicities. Then keep the gain
for subsequence assessment session.
Cyst Targets
4 targets with different diameter from 1mm to 4mm.
Visualize the four targets as clear as possible.
Then check their roundness and if the 1mm dia.
target can be properly recognized.
Dot Targets Block (Spatial Resolution)
Dot Targets Block (Spatial Resolution)
Dot Targets
Dot targets for horizontal and vertical resolution.
Spacing from 0.5mm to 3mm.
45 Degrees Line Target
Influence on the image quality by the thickness of the
ultrasound along the elevation plain of the transducer
can be assessed.
Consists of two dot target with 2 mm distance with
a line target embedded horizontally with 45 degrees
from the front wall to the back wall.

Dot Targets Block & Mass Target Block

  Mass Target Block Dot Targets Block
Speed of Sound
(at 25 degrees C)
1437 m/sec 146637 with margin of
plus or minus 1.15 m/sec
Attenuation rate 0.57 db/cmMhz
(at 25 degrees C)
(at 24 degrees C)
Acoustic impedance
(at 25 degrees C)
1.38 rayl 1.42 rayl
Embedded targets Gray scale targets
Cyst targets
Dot targets
45 degree line targets
Size 18.2 x 7.7 x 11.2 mm 13.5 x 7.7 x 11.2 mm
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