Supertech® X-Ray Compensating Filters

CLEAR-Pb® Compensation Filters are made of a lead-plastic material that is 30% lead by weight. Since lead is an efficient absorber of x-rays, the filters will attenuate the x-ray beam. By varying the shape and thickness of the filters, many combinations of filtering action can be achieved from almost complete attenuation to full penetration.

OCTOSTOP® compensating filters are made of silicone rubber. Their absorption is ideal at twice that of muscle, which permits placing them on only one side of the patient. They are light to carry, easy to handle, readily identifiable, and are positioned with precision close to the patient.

Individual Clear-Pb® Filters Thumbnail Clear Pb® Filters
Octostop® Filters Thumbnail Octostop® Filters
QUART al25.0 - Standard compliant filter for Radiography / Fluoroscopy QUART al25.0
QUART cu1.0 - Radiography Filter 100+ kV QUART cu1.0 - Radiography Filter 100+ kV
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