Radiation Protection Eyewear

All of our Radiation Eyewear Frames come standard with:
.75 Pb lead equivalency, 1.80 High-Lite Transmission Lenses providing 20% more visible light.
Stylish and Comfortable Eye Protection from Scatter Radiation!
Use in: Catheterization Lab, Urologic Procedures, Radiology, Fluoroscopy,
Orthopedic Surgery, Veterinarian, Interventional Medicine, Pain Management.
Fashion, Comfort, Function and Protection!

Best Radiation Protection Best Radiation Protection
Economy Frames Economy Frames
Fitover Frames Fitover Frames
Wraparound Frames Wraparound Frames
Goggles Goggles
Face Shields Face Shields
Prescription Frames Prescription Radiation Eyewear

Note: All Glasses and Goggles come with a protective case.

Warranty Information: All frames are under warranty for one year from date of sale. The warranty covers manufacturing defects which cause frame and or lens breakage only. Misuse of these products, such as, dropping, extreme impact or damage by flying projectile are specifically not covered. All radiation eyewear is to be used for X-Ray shielding.

Radiation eyewear is not to be used for impact resistance or exposure to flying projectiles.
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