ACR Accreditation Phantom "Digital" Full Field Mammography Phantom
Supertech - 03-502-ST
Made for Supertech by Pro Project - Approved by ACR

This Full Field phantom was designed to test the performance of a digital mammographic system by evaluating the system's ability to image small structures similar to those found clinically: micro-calcifications, fibrous structures in ducts and tumor-like masses. The FF (Full Field) version covers the entire image detector, thus eliminating scatter.

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Models and Ordering
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03-502-ST Supertech-FFDM ACR Accreditation Phantom "Digital" Full Field Mammography Phantom
Supertech - 03-502-ST (Case Included)

Approved by ACR for Accreditation in USA

Here is the Announcement for ACR Approval

Supertech, Inc. Approved to Sell New ACR Digital Mammography Phantom

November 17, 2017

The American College of Radiology has approved Supertech, Inc. to produce and sell the new ACR Digital Mammography Phantom. Supertech, Inc. earned this approval by submitting sample phantoms for testing and evaluation by an independent medical physicist. The sample phantoms met the required specifications, tolerances and performance requirements. The new phantom is intended for use with the ACR Digital Mammography Quality Control Manual.

View the ACR Digital Mammography QC Manual: Frequently Asked Questions.

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