Radiopaque Rulers

Supertech® has the largest selection of radiopaque rulers available. Supertech® rulers are lead-free and are safe for skin contact. We offer radiopaque acrylic rulers from 50mm to 156cm and rulers that are certified to a NIST standard. They are used by Medical X-ray facilities Doctors offices, Forensic Pathologists, Chiropractors, and Law Enforcement.

Since the advent of digital radiography the need for radiopaque rulers has increased. The digital image is displayed on a screen instead of film and the image size can be adjusted at will. The radiopaque ruler in the image provides a permanent reference of image size. Use of radiopaque rulers during image guided procedures provides the doctor or technologist a reference on the outside the body. Radiopaque rulers may be used to check the accuracy and position of the light field for quality control and adjustment.

Acrylic Rulers Acrylic Rulers
Acrylic Rulers NIST Certified Acrylic Rulers NIST Certified

If you would like to customize your rulers with a company's name or need a volume of items, please contact Supertech directly. We can offer a volume price break and combine shipping of multiple items. Supertech-To-Go is designed for fast ordering of simple items. Complex orders need our personal attention.

Rulers can be a very nice item for distribution at trade shows or inclusion with the purchase of your x-ray equipment.

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