Stereotactic Mammographic Accreditation Phantom - Gammex 156D

The Gammex 156D Stereotactic Mammographic Accreditation Phantom is used for monitoring digital mammography systems currently used for stereotactic biopsy and localization.

The 156D is accredited by the ACR.

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Gammex 156 - Diagram

Fibril Structure Objects 0.93mm Nylon Fiber
0.74mm Nylon Fiber
0.54mm Nylon Fiber
0.40mm Nylon Fiber
Micro-calcification Objects 0.54mm A1203 speck
0.32mm A1203 speck
0.24mm A1203 speck
0.20mm A1203 speck
Tumor-like Masses Objects 1.00mm (thickness) mass
0.75mm (thickness) mass
0.50mm (thickness) mass
0.25mm (thickness) mass
Dimensions 2.4 in (H) x 2.66 in (L) x 2.63 in (W)
6.10 cm (H) x 6.76 cm (L) x 6.68 cm (W)
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