NM Tool Kit™ (v1.1) IRIS QA, LLC.
Nuclear Medicine gamma camera software package

NM Tool Kit is a Nuclear Medicine gamma camera software package supporting routine QC testing for SPECT and NEMA1 based acceptance testing procedures.

This application is a simple windows based interface that supports DICOM 3.0 image data. Automatic output of results in an Adobe® Acrobat file format (pdf) with an option to print hard copies. The single page report contains the following information; the site, system, data acquisition parameters, test results along with a thumbnail of the processed image.

NEMA processing tools available: NM Tool Kit provides the following analysis for the Specphan™ phantom
(The Phantom Laboratory, Salem, NY)
NM Tool Kit™ (v1.1) IRIS QA, LLC.
Utility functions available:
  1. NEMA Standards Publication NU 1-2007
  2. Requires NEMA x and y slit masks
  3. Requires NEMA specified lead container with center 5 mm diameter hole
  4. Requires Capillary Line Fixture(ECT/CLF/A) – Data Spectrum
  5. Requires NEMA Spect Triple Line Source Phantom (ECT/NEMA-TRI/P) – Data Spectrum
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