Flangeless Esser PET Phantom™ ACR
For PET, meets ACR requirements

The ACR PET Phantom meets the requirements set by ACR. The phantom provides consistent performance information for PET systems. Multiple performance characteristics of camera-based PET systems are evaluated from a single scan of the phantom.

On-axis and off-axis transverse line spread function may be easily measured without removing the cover plate. Measurements of full-width-half (or tenth) maximum can be readily determined, either in air or in water. This phantom includes components Dr. Peter D. Esser adapted from the Deluxe Jaszczak Phantom

The Phantom is used for: MUST PROVIDE NMAP NUMBER, ADD ACR in front of Model Number

Image of PET Phantom Lid and PET Phantom Lid Containers
   Image of PET
Phantom Lid
        PET Phantom
Lid Containers
Specifications of Cylinder: Specifications of Insert and Spheres:

Flangeless Esser PET Phantom, with 2nd Deluxe Flangeless Lid™

Includes Flangeless Esser PET Phantom with Flangeless Deluxe Jaszczak Lid.

See Flangeless Deluxe Jaszczak Phantom for complete description of SPECT lid.

ADD ACR in front of Model Number

Model Description
PET/FL/P Flangeless Esser PET Phantom
PET/REG/LID PET Lid Flanged only (Phantom not included)
PET/FL/LID PET Lid Flangeless only (Phantom not included)
When purchasing flangeless lid cylinder must be sent to factory to assure leakproof fit.
PET/FL-X2/P Flangeless Esser PET Phantom with Lid from Flangeless Deluxe Jaszcak phantom allowing ACR for PET & SPECT with one Phantom body
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