Liqui-Phil™ Phantoms
Hollow phantoms that can be filled with liquid for nuclear medicine and MRI studies

Liqu-Phil™ Phantoms Head
Liqui-Phil™ Head

Liqu-Phil™ Phantoms Organ Scanning Phantom
Liqui-Phil™ Organ
Scanning Phantom

The Phantom Laboratory manufactures two hollow, liquid-fillable phantoms which are applicable to nuclear medicine and magnetic resonance imaging studies: the Liqui-Phil™ Head Phantom and the Liqui-Phil™ Organ Scanning Phantom. Both phantoms are built to approximate the proportions of a fiftieth percentile male and are constructed of cellulose acetate butyrate, a transparent material that provides strength and low water absorption.

The Liqui-Phil™ Organ Scanning Phantom This phantom duplicates the torso of a male from the diaphragm to the upper pelvis. It is equipped with access covers to allow phantom tumors and organs - liver, spleen, kidneys, stomach, and pancreas - to be positioned within the torso. Each organ has screw ports for adding or removing liquids, plus a large access port for inserting and removing simulated tumors. Solid and liquid-fillable phantom tumors are available in ovoid and spherical shapes. The organs and tumors for the Organ Scanning Phantom are purchased separately. Liqui-Phil™ Phantoms are excellent for calibration, quality assurance, research, and training in nuclear medicine and SPECT studies.

The Liqui-Phil™ Head Phantom is a liquid-fillable head form which duplicates the outer contours of an average size male head and neck. The phantom has three ports: one at the base of the neck and two on the upper sides of the head. The port at the base of the neck is mounted on an access plate which can be removed for insertion of tumors. The access ports all have o-ring sealed, spherical mounting points. Tumors mounted on their support rods can be positioned in a variety of ways from these ports. Tumors included: 3cm diameter, hollow, spherical; 2cm diameter hollow, ovoid x 3cm long; 2cm diameter hollow, ovoid x 4cm long.

Tumors - Hot and cold spots within the organs or the phantom are created by either filling the tumors with contrast solutions or placing them cold inside contrast filled organs.

Optional Tumors:
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