Triple Line Insert
Designed for use with nearly all of the cylinders supplied with Data Spectrum phantoms

Triple Line Insert

The Triple Line Insert is used to produce three 1 mm diameter parallel lines of tracer material spaced 7.5 cm apart. The locations of the fillable tubes are based on the recommendations in the NEMA Standards Publication for Performance Measurements of Scintillation Cameras, 1986.

Radioactive tracer liquid can be inserted into the line sources through surgical grade, stainless steel valves located at the ends of each line tube.

The cylinder can be filled with water to simulate the surrounding attenuating medium.

Quantitative measurements of on-axis and off-axis reconstructed line source resolutions can be performed in air by placing the triple line insert directly on the scanning bed.

The triple line insert provides accurate, reproducible images to quantitatively evaluate the effects of errors in center-of-rotation and radius-of-rotation on scanners. Using the insert, the influence of the type of reconstruction filter on SPECT spatial resolution measurements can be evaluated.

ECT/TRI/I Phantom Insert, Triple Line
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