Mini CT QC Electron Density Phantom Model 76-430
For Quality Control of all major CT scanner functions and radiation dose


This highly versatile phantom is designed for routine monitoring of the consistency of all the major parameters of computed tomography (CT) image quality and radiation dose. Its unique, compact design allows for unparalleled portability, easy set up and reliable parameter determinations. It is perfect for use by physicists, technologists and service engineers.

Features Applications

The disc section consists of a 1 inch thick Lucite® disc with a 6 inch diameter. The six large holes are for the placement of inserts for evaluation of CT number consistency and evaluation of image resolution. The four small holes are for inserting an ion chamber at different locations within the phantom. Lucite inserts are provided to fill the four small holes, when necessary. The disc section is attached to a rectangular acrylic bar containing a thin copper wire embedded along a central groove. This section of the phantom is used to evaluate laser beam alignment and accuracy of slice thickness, slice spacing, slice contiguity, and pilot scan to transverse (longitudinal) scan correspondence. This is achieved by exposing a non-screen film (such as Flex Film Cassettes, listed below) placed underneath the phantom, and making several cuts while the phantom is advanced along the gantry in a pre-programmed manner.

Accurately evaluates: Specifications

Dimensions 6 inch Ø, 1 inch thick, with six 1.125 inch through-holes and four 0.50 inch through-holes

Lucite disk The Lucite disk is attached to the side of the base by two removable nylon, slotted screws

Inserts Phantom is supplied with seven inserts for 1.125 inch holes; 1 each of: Plastic Water®, bone-equivalent, polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyethylene, nylon, and one acrylic high-contrast resolution insert

Lucite base 11.94 inch long x 1.81 inch wide x 0.69 inch thick, with copper wire (approx. 0.020 inch) fixed into a 0.020 inch deep groove centered on the base

Weight 3 lb (1.36 kg)

Optional accessories

Low Contrast Resolution Insert (Model 76-430-1000): designed for determining the CT unit’s ability to detect slight differences in contrast. Two materials with very similar CT numbers are incorporated into the low contrast resolution insert to assess the low contrast detection capability of the unit

Teflon® and Lung Inserts (Models 76-430-2000 and 76-430-3000): these inserts provide the CT number and density that are important when treatment planning parameters are being established for radiation therapy patients

Teflon-Bone Semi-Ring (Model 76-430-4000): this accessory is used as a beam hardening ring for simulating clinical conditions. The ring has been machined to slide easily over the phantom, so that each of the inserts will have the effect of beam hardening

Acrylic Insert with Wire, 0.50 inch (Model 76-430-1212)

Acrylic Insert (Model 76-430-6000)

Fillable Insert (Model 76-430-7000)

Aluminum Insert (Model 76-430-8000)

Carrying Case (Model 89-430)

Flex Film Cassette, 5 x 7 in (Model 07-800-5007)

Flex Film Cassette, 8 x 10 in (Model 07-800-8010)

Flex Film Cassette, 10 x 12 in (Model 07-800-1012)

Available Model(s)

76-430 Mini CT QC Phantom, includes seven inserts

76-430-5555 Mini CT QC Phantom Kit, includes phantom, seven standard inserts, all seven optional inserts, teflon-bone semi-ring and carrying case
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