Routine Quality Control CBCT Test Phantom



A Universal Test Phantom for QA/QC at Dental 3D/DVT/CBCT equipment. The QUART DVTkp test phantom is designed for Quality Assurance/Quality Control at Cone Beam CT (CBCT), Dental Volume Tomography and/or Dental 3D equipment.

Only one exposure is required to collect all necessary parameters to determine the imaging quality for the X-Ray equipment. After the exposure, the image is automatically evaluated through the unique QUART QA/QC software. The test results can be saved or printed out for documentation purposes.

The phantom design is comparable with the design of a standard CT Head Phantom. However, the QUART DVTkp has additional test objects which stimulate structures and materials which are found in the specific anatomical region where the 3D x-ray imaging is applied to.

The Phantom body consists of 2 discs. Both are solidly combined to ensure a good handling when used for QA/QC procedures. It has a modular set-up and can easily be modified in case a future standard, or a new national standard, should require additional test objects.

The QUART DVTkp test phantom can be used for a wide range of 3D imaging equipment with field sizes from 4x4 cm field-of-view and wider.

Customized Phantom Holders, for easy and reproducible positioning, are available.

Included with DVTkp
  • QUART DVTkp Test Phantom
  • QUART DVTpro auto-evaluation software / license
  • Manuals
  • Transport case w/ foam inserts
Optional Accessories
Supertech DVTkp Holder Universal Holder for Quart DVT Dental CBCT Phantom
  • Works universally for all makes and models of CBCT equipment
  • Fits universally on any tripod (tripod not included)
Supertech DVTkp Holder - top
Supertech DVTkp Holder - side

Complies with
DIN E 6868-15
DIN E 6868-161
QS-RL 3.2.8
SV-RL 2.2.12

Which software is right for you?
For CBCT only
  • DIN 6868-161 compliant for DVT/CBCT acceptance tests
Software Evaluates:
  • Nyquist Frequency (NF)
  • Contrast
  • Noise
  • Contrast-to-Noise Ratio (CNR)
  • Homogeneity / Image Uniformity
  • Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) at 10 % and 50 %
  • Artefacts, Image Flaws
  • Patient/Phantom Positioning Accuracy
  • Geometric Accuracy
  • Automatic System Indicator / Acceptance Indicator (as per DIN 6868-161)
For CBCT and CT
  • DIN 6868-161 compliant for CBCT acceptance tests
  • IEC 61223-3-5 compliant for CT acceptance tests
  • IEC 62220-1-2 compliant for detective quantum efficiency
  • IEC 60601-2-44 compliant for CT equipment safety requirements
  • compliant with EFOMP - ESTRO - IAEA protocol for quality control of cone-beam CT equipment.
Software Evaluates:
  • Nyquist Frequency (NF)
  • Contrast
  • Noise
  • Contrast-to-Noise Ratio (CNR)
  • Homogeneity / Image Uniformity
  • Spatial Resolution / Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) at 10% & 50% modulation
  • Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) as per IEC 62220-1-2
  • CT Numbers / Hounsfield Units
  • Z-Axis Resolution / NF and MTF in Axial Direction
  • Artefacts, Image Flaws, etc.
  • System Indicator / Acceptance Indicator (Figure of Merit)
  • Patient / Phantom Positioning Accuracy
  • Additional QA/QC related tests such as geometry and distance measurements etc. to be conducted in an external DICOM viewer

Models and ordering
Item Number Name Description
12134 Basic CBCT IQ Set DVTkp phantom + DVTtec Software

CBCT image quality test phantom for basic acceptance testing. Compact size w/o 2 scatter radiation parts. Including hardshell case. One QA Software license (DVTtec) included.

Applications: DVT / CBCT / 3D.
12130SW QUART DVTtec License Additional Software License for DVTtec
Upon Request IAEA-EFOMP-ESTRO Test Set DVTkp phantom + CTtec Software


Applications: CT / DVT / CBCT / 3D.
Upon Request QUART CTtec License Additional Software License for CTtec
Upon Request QUART DVTkp Phantom Holder Customized holders for various systems available:

KODAK-CARESTREAM (K9000/K9500), MORITA (Veraviewepocs), NEWTOM, OWANDY, VATECH-EWOO (Pax/Master series), and others.

Applications: DVT / CBCT / Dental 3D.
12139 DVT uni stand DVT phantom holder for quick positioning. Base plate on a tripod stand.
12154-4 DVT horizontal DVT holder for horizontal positioning, e.g. at NewTom or CT equipment. Anti-roll support.
12155 DVT Base 6cm PMMA base phantom support for x-ray equipment manufacturer calibration tool base
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