PIRATE - Phantom for Intraoral Radiography Assessment, Testing & Evaluation
CIRS 134200
Articulated Maxillofacial Phantom for Intraoral Imaging

The CIRS Phantom for Intraoral Radiography Assessment, Testing & Evaluation (PIRATE) is a standard of reference for diagnostic radiology of the jaw. The phantom is designed to assist technical and clinical staff in the selection, monitoring, training and verification of scanning parameters common to intraoral radiological imaging procedures and other common dental procedures.

The PIRATE phantom consists of maxilla, mandible and holding device. The phantom can be mounted to included tripod with ballhead fitting for flexibility in positioning. The maxilla and mandible are hinged to allow a dental technician to place a bitewing film or other intraoral devices with a holder and image the phantom.

The phantom is constructed of proprietary tissue-equivalent materials that mimic reference tissues within 1% by linear attenuation for the dental x-ray and other dental imaging procedures.

The Model 134200 approximates the average male human jaw in both size and structure. The phantom features detailed 3D anthropomorphic anatomy including bone, sinus, maxilla, mandible, mandibular nerve and teeth. The bones contain both cortical and trabecular separation. The teeth include distinct dentine, enamel, root canal and crown. One tooth includes a fracture and a second includes a cavity.

Features Capabilities and Applications
PIRATE - CIRS 134200 xray 1
PIRATE - CIRS 134200 xray 2

PIRATE - CIRS 134200 bitewings

PIRATE - CIRS 134200 diagram

Approximate Dimensions 17.5 cm x 12.0 cm x 14.0 cm
(6.9" x 4.7" x 5.5")
Approximate Weight 2.7 kg (6 lbs)
Phantom Materials Epoxy Resin
Model 134200 Includes
Qty Description
1 Phantom for Intraoral Radiography Assessment, Testing & Evaluation
1 Tripod w/ ballhead & quick release connector
1 Soft-sided carry case
- User Guide
- 48-Month Warranty
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