Rugged Whole Body Phantom Kyoto Kagaku PBU-90
Rugged Full Body Phantom - Excellent Durability
Use for X-Ray training, disarticulates into 10 phantoms

PBU-50 laying down

Many of our customers are familiar with PBU-50. PBU-90 is very similar to the PBU-50 product. The PBU-90 phantom is designed for use in X-Ray. While it will not hurt a CT Machine, the Hu Values will not be accurate. If you need a phantom that images well in both X-Ray and CT, PBU-60 is the better choice.

The Whole body phantom PBU-90 is a rugged life-size, full body anthropomorphic phantom with a state-of-the-art synthetic skeleton, lungs, liver, mediastinum and kidneys embedded in Kyoto Kagaku original soft tissue substitute. Movable joints allow basic positioning for plain X-ray and training/research applications can be enriched by disassembling the phantom into 10 individual parts (head, limbs and trunk). There are no metal parts or liquid structures. Available in dark amber color as shown.

The durable material allows PBU-90 to withstand student handling better than PBU-50. As you can see in the photograph, there are no protective mittens on the hands of PBU-90. We are not representing this phantom as unbreakable. What we can say is that in product testing, the manufacturer confidently states the material to be more durable than the material used for other full body phantoms they manufacture. For example: Because of the improved durability, if someone accidentally drops the forearm/hand piece, it is less likely to sustain damage that the same part from PBU-50. We do not suggest deliberately dropping the phantom or "testing" the integrity for curiosity sake. Any product will break if it is abused - so - please don't take it upon yourself to be "the tester." PBU-90 is designed to help you have longer product life; but, is not indestructible. We suggest handling with tender care, just as you would a fragile elderly patient or someone who was badly injured in an accident. PBU-90 has a higher price than PBU-50.

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Patient positioning:

Right shoulder rotates side ways, abducting to a horizontal position. Left shoulder rotates forward, up to a horizontal position. Elbows bend inward to approx. 90 degrees. Hip joints rotate forward up to 90 degrees, then rotate outward up to 45 degrees, respectively.
Knees bend to approx. 90 degrees.


Original phantom materials:
Radiology absorption approximate to human body.

Materials and features:
Soft tissue and organs: Urethane base resin (SZ-50)
Synthetic bones: Epoxy base resin
Joint attachments: Epoxy, urethane with carbon fiber
Screws: Polycarbonate

Prolong the life of your PBU

Soft tissue (SZ-50) material

Material Density g/cm3 Effective Atomic Number Electron Density x10~23e/g Elemental Composition (wt%)
Water 1.000 7.417 3.343 11.19     88.81
SZ-50 1.061 6.14 3.258 8.41 72.25 4.61 14.73

Radiographic Techniques for PBU-90
Region Voltage Current Time Distance  
Front of Chest High Voltage 120kv 100mA 0.022s 200cm P(-)
Front of Chest Low Voltage 70kv 100mA 0.140s 200cm Lith(+)
Side of Chest High Voltage 120kv 200mA 0.040s 200cm P(-)
Front of Abdomen 75kv 320mA 0.125s 150cm  
Front of Head 75kv 320mA 0.071s 120cm  
Side of Head 75kv 320mA 0.071s 120cm  
Front of Brachium 55kv 160mA 0.063s 120cm  
Front of  Antebrachium 50kv 100mA 0.036s 120cm  
Front of Femur 60kv 200mA 0.071s 120cm  
Front of Curs 55kv 160mA 0.071s 120cm  
Kneecap 55kv 160mA 0.040s 120cm  
Hand 48kv 100mA 0.045s 120cm  


Set includes: Phantom size: approx. 165 cm height, 65 inches
Phantom weight: approx. 50 kg, 110 lbs
Width of chest at thickest spot: 24 cm, 9.5 in
Width of chest at thickest spot + arms: 49 cm, 19 in
Thickness of chest front to back: 19 cm, 7.5 in
Packing size: approx. 85 x 60 x 44 cm
Packing weight: approx. 80 kg, 177 lbs
Storage Temperature Range: 20-25°C (68-77°F)
Avoid Storing in Direct Sunlight or High Humidity

PBU Image
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