Multipurpose Chest Phantom Kyoto Kagaku N1 LUNGMAN

Multipurpose Chest Phantom Kyoto Kagaku N1 LUNGMAN

Lungman in use

This is a multipurpose phantom which is applicable for both plain radiography and CT scanning. The inner components consisting of mediastinum, pulmonary vasculature and an abdomen block are easily detachable, allowing insertion of mimic tumors or other lesions. The unique radiological substitute material and the elaborate three-dimensional modeling of pulmonary vessels offer the most life-like X-ray and CT images. A combination of various approaches will enrich the training opportunities.

Production Supervision:
Kiyoshi Murata, Ph. D Professor
Norihisa Nitta, Ph.D
Shiga University of Medical Science



Applicable for both plain radiography and CT scanning. Wide variety of uses in interpretation training, anatomical education, evaluation and assessment of devices and other research.

Accurate anatomy and high quality substitute materials

The phantom is an accurate life-size anatomical model of a human torso. The thickness of the chest wall is based on measurement of clinical data. The soft tissue substitute material and synthetic bones have x-ray absorption rates very close to those of human tissues.


The phantom provides life-like radiographs very close to actual clinical images. The three-dimensional structure allows both PA and LATERAL images to be obtained. The phantom bones and vessels show life-like contrast gradations on the image along with tube voltages.

Computed tomography

Arms-abducted position of the torso suits the CT scanning. The pulmonary vessels are spatially traceable. Assessment of computer-aided detection systems is possible.
Skills, Trainings & Applications

Plain radiography

Radiograph training

Interpretation training

Assessment of tube voltages, films and other devices

LUNGMAN Composite Picture
Optional Bariatric Chest Plates and Urethane Foam Lungs

Optional Carrying Case

LUNGMAN Pneumonia Kit
Optional Pneumonia Insert Kit

LUNGMAN Pneumonia Kit
Store the insert tissue in the included bag
or similar in a dark, cool and dry place.
LUNGMAN Pneumonia Kit
Using the tweezers place the teared pieces
of tissue in the capillary vessel densely.

LUNGMAN breast plate 1
Optional Breast plate for Chest Phantom N-1 "LUNGMAN".
This plate simulates the absorption of breast in female chest
X-ray, and the influence of nipple on image quality.

LUNGMAN breast plate 2
Optional Breast Plate

LUNGMAN breast plate xray
Optional Breast Plate X-ray

Computed tomography

CT scan training

Interpretation training

Assessment of "computer-aided detection systems"

Chest Plate

Optional chest plates to simulate a larger body type and X-ray absorption.

Differences in X-ray absorption depending on body volume can be observed.

Using 60mm thick plates, 30mm is added to the front and to the back of the N1 chest.

Components for Radioisotope

Image fusion experiment with CT & RI can be performed.


Set includes:

1 male chest torso

Main body: synthetic bones are embedded

Internal parts: separates into four parts Mediastinum: heart, trachea Pulmonary vessels (right and left) Abdomen (diaphragm) block: no internal structure

15 simulated tumors

3 varieties of Hounsfield number: approx -800, -630,+100

5 sizes for each type: diameters 3, 5, 8, 10, 12 mm


Soft tissue: polyurethane (gravity 1.06)Synthetic bones: epoxy resin

Phantom size: 43 x 40 x 48H cm, chest girth 94 cm weight: approx.18 kg , 39.6 lbs

Packing size: 59 x 52 x 30 cm, 25 kg, 55 lbs

Optional parts

41337-010 Chest plates for N1 (a set of anterior and posterior plates)

41337-020 Urethane foam lungs

41337-030 Liver RI container for N1

41337-040 Gall Bladder RI container for N1

41337-050 Pulmonary nodule RI container for N1

41337-060 Mediastinum with left myocardium RI container for N1

41337-070 Replacement Simulated Tumors

41337-070-1 Star shaped tumors

41337-080 Pneumonia Insert Kit

41337-090 Breast Plate

41923-000 Mixed GGO with single concentric solid field set (No 1 – 7)

41923-100 Mixed GGO with single concentric solid field set (No 8 – 10)

41923-200 Mixed GGO with single concentric solid field set (No 11 – 12)

41923-300 Pure GGO set (No a – h)

41923-400 3D GGO

PH-1CASE – Aluminum Storage Case With Wheels to hold PH-1.*
Please note - this case does not accommodate any optional items*
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