Octostop® Filters

OCTOSTOP® compensating filters are made of silicone rubber. Their absorption is ideal at twice that of muscle, which permits placing them on only one side of the patient. They are light to carry, easy to handle, readily identifiable and not cumbersome. They are positioned with precision close to the patient. If dropped, they do not break or harm anyone. In the vertical position, they adhere with very little pressure (wash with water if they slip). If too sticky, interpose tissue paper. They resist alcohol and heat and are waterproof.

Octostop® Arm Ridges® Thumbnail OCTOSTOP® Basic Set - FI-KIT - X-RAY Compensating Filters
Octostop® Arm Ridges® Thumbnail Octostop® Arm Ridges®
Octostop Boomerang Thumbnail Octostop® The Boomerang®
Octostop Gentle Slope Thumbnail Octopstop® Gentle Slope®
OCTOSTOP® INGOT® X-RAY Compensating Filter Thumbnail OCTOSTOP® INGOT®
OCTOSTOP® Little Prism® OCTOSTOP® Little Prism®
Octostop Ridges Internal Rotation Octostop® Ridges Internal Rotation®
Ridges Plus Thumbnail Octostop® Ridges Plus®
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