SRS Multi-Lesion CT QA Phantom - CIRS 037
Multi-Lesion SRS Treatment Planning QA in Brain-Equivalent Phantom

The SRS Multi-Lesion Brain QA Phantom, Model 037, provides a unique solution for fast, comprehensive film dosimetry for single isocenter plans treating multiple targets simultaneously. The phantom may be used for thorough validation of multi-lesion treatment methods and for patient-specific quality assurance.

The phantom is rectangular in shape with rounded corners to minimize CT artifacts and large enough in size to cover brain anatomy variations. Linear attenuation of simulated brain tissue is within 1% of real tissue from 50keV to 15MeV.

The phantom receives radiochromic film to as many as 29 locations in 5mm increments. Pre-loaded polyester film sheets allow flexibility in film placement without affecting sensitive geometry. External grooves and marking on the phantom sides helps with easy film positioning at only desired locations to cover specific lesions. Film provides a distinct advantage over ion chamber or diode array quality assurance systems because multiple planning target volumes (PTVs) can be reviewed individually.

CIRS offers pre-cut EBT3 film designed specifically to fit the Model 037. A sample pack of CIRS Precision Cut film is shipped with the phantom. Additional film may be purchased as an optional accessory.

Four threaded rods, each made of different materials hold together the assembled phantom and allow for registration to ExacTrac systems.

CIRS 037 - Clinical Images & Setup photos of phantom
Clinical Images of Multi-Lesion Brain QA Phantom for SRS Set up photos of Multi-Lesion Brain QA Phantom for SRS

CIRS 037 - Film

CIRS 037 - Graph

Overall Dimensions 150mm (W) x190mm (H) x 170mm (L)
Weight 5 kg (11 lbs)
Slab Thickness Top and Bottom slabs: 15mm
Spacers: 4.7mm
Film Dimensions 167mm x 150mm
Material Brain Equivalent Epoxy Resin
Polyester Sheets (PET) 29 pcs, 0.3mm thick
Model 037 Includes
Qty Description
1 Multi-Lesion Brain QA Phantom
1 Sample Precision Cut EBT3 Film Kit for Model 037
1 User Guide
1 Foam-Lined Carry Case
- 48-Month Warranty
Optional Accessories
Part Number Description
158200-07-15 Precision Cut EBT3 Film Kit for Model 037
(Set of 15)
158200-07-30 Precision Cut EBT3 Film Kit for Model 037
(Set of 30)

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