CT Abdomen Phantom Kyoto Kagaku - PH-5 41360-000

This unique anthropomorphic upper abdomen phantom allows obtaining CT images approximate to clinical data. The elaborate anatomy of organs allows a multi-dimensional approach. Liver, portal vein, bile duct, hepatic vein, hepatic artery, kidneys, pancreas spleen and IVC are embedded along with synthetic bones. Each individual organ has a particular Hounsfield number close to human organ.

Embedded anatomical structures

Lungs (no internal structure), Heart (no internal structure), Liver, Portal vein, Bile duct, Hepatic vein, Hepatic artery, Kidneys, Pancreas, Spleen, IVC, Spinal column, Ribs

Phantom CT Image Phantom CT Image

Polyurethane, epoxy resin

*Vessels and organs with a contrast agent can be included as a special order.
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