3 Dimensional Torso Phantom Model CIRS 602
Model 602 - Complete with removable organs

The CIRS Anthropomorphic Torso Phantom is designed to provide an accurate simulation of an average male torso for medical imaging applications. The removable organs enable flexibility in the placement of TLD’s, contrast agents, etc.. The epoxy materials used to fabricate the phantom provide optimal tissue simulation in the diagnostic energy range (40 keV to 20 MeV).

The phantom will accurately simulate the physical density and linear attenuation of actual tissue to within 2 percent in the diagnostic energy range. As an example, Table 1 gives the results of the simulation for a generic tissue comprising of 36 percent adipose /64 percent muscle.

Each phantom contains lungs, heart, liver, pancreas, kidney, and spleen. The lower portion of the phantom contains a removable soft bolus material simulating a mix of 50 percent adipose and 50 percent muscle tissue.

This insert is used to maintain the position of the organs when the phantom is placed upright. For ease of removal, the bolus is enveloped in a screen-bag. Muscle simulating material layers the rib cage and vertebral column.

The exterior envelope simulates a mix of 36 percent adipose and 64 percent muscle tissue. The phantom is sealed at the bottom by an acrylic plate. Water or blood mimicking fluid can be used to fill all the interstitial voids.


Model 602 Specifications
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