Plastic Water® CIRS CT, Radiation Therapy
Calibrate photon and electron beams within 0.5% of true water dose


Unlike other water equivalent plastics on the market, Plastic Water® is flexible and will not break under impact. Plastic Water® is the only calibration material available in 1 mm thicknesses. Plastic Water® is the only material which agrees with true water within 0.5% above 7 MeV.

Custom cavities are available to accommodate any ion chamber on the market (simply provide detailed drawings when ordering).

CIRS can simulate any tissue found in the human body and many phantoms contain multiple tissue substitutes. Water, however, is the most important reference material in Medical Physics. To accurately simulate water over all energy from 10 keV to 100 MeV with a singular solid materials is one of the more challenging tasks in the field of Tissue Simulation. CIRS water equivalent materials are formulated to mimic within 1% or better for specific energy ranges.

Plastic Water® LR - 15 keV - 8 MeV
Use for such things as dose evaluation for low energy brachytherapy sources or CT dose verification.(1)

Plastic Water® DT - 50 keV - 15 MeV
Use for special applications requiring exposures to both diagnostic and therapeutic energies such as radiation therapy planning and dose verification in IMRT.(2)

Plastic Water® - The Original - 150 keV - 100 MeV
Permits calibration of photon and electron beams within 0.5% of true water dose. Ideal for routine beam constancy checks.(3)

Plastic Water® CIRS CT, Radiation Therapy Specifications and Charts

PCW 500 Plastic Water Set - 30x30cm Slab Phantoms Set

(Available only in original Plastic Water)
Thickness (CM) Quantity
0.1 1
0.2 2
0.5 1
1 1
2 2
4 1
5 2

Cavity Slab (PW3020-CVXX-XX) must be ordered separately.

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