RSVP Phantom™ Head
Radiosurgery Verification Phantom

The RSVP Phantom™ was developed to provide stereotactic localization and dose verification for radiosurgery machines.

The RSVP Head Phantom™ includes a liquid fillable life size head form. The form is filled with water to simulate the radiation absorption and scatter of human soft tissue. An internal container, called a tumor vessel, may be positioned anywhere within the form by manipulating an external position rod. This cylinder may be filled with either a radiation sensitive gel for alignment evaluations or with radiation dosimeters for quantitative dose measurements.

The Phantom Laboratory has developed optional holders that allow positioning of TLD and film dosimeters in the tumor vessel. To measure dose, a dosimeter is placed inside the tumor vessel. As in the localization evaluation, standard protocols are used to locate the tumor and irradiate the target area. The dosimeter is then removed from the phantom and read. The phantom can also accommodate specially designed chambers. (For more information on commercially available ion chambers, contact Supertech).

Charles W. Coffey, II, Ph.D. established the design criteria that The Phantom Laboratory used in constructing the RSVP Phantom™. The phantom may be used for a variety of radiosurgery applications, including periodic quality assurance evaluations and acceptance testing. The RSVP Phantom™ may also be used to re-evaluate radiosurgery systems after equipment or software upgrades.

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