Sensitometer SpeedLight SL-2 (Duo-Color), Cat.# 5010
Economical - Portable - Battery Powered

The SpeedLight SL-2 is the smallest, easiest to use, and most reliable sensitometer available for critical quality control of modern x-ray processing systems. Green and blue sensitive films are pre-calibrated in the SpeedLight sensitometer for precise density exposures. The system operation is simple: (1) select green or blue to match the film; (2) raise the platen and insert the film up to the film stop; (3) close the platen and push the "Expose" button; (4) remove the film after the tone (typically 0.5 sec.); (5) process the film; (6) read control step with densitometer; (7) compare to reference density and take processor action if necessary.

The ideal companion for the SpeedLight SL-2 sensitometer is the PocketPal SM-12 densitometer. The SL-2 exposes easy-to-read numbers and marks that align perfectly with the SM-12 for quick and accurate measurements.

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