Pro-Slit - Pro Project - 05-101
Works with Pro-Control.Online Software

The Pro-Slit phantom is the so called slit camera for accurate measurement of the focal spot size according to IEC 60336:2005. Its main advantages are repeatability, accuracy and possibility to measure the size of any focal spot. Because of the small attenuation of the outer cover this tool can also be used with dental digital detectors - detector receives enough radiation to be triggered.

Technical data (can be modified to customer specifications): Product features:
Models and Ordering
Item Number Item Name Item Description
05-101 Pro-Slit 0.01mm slit camera - for measuring focal spots according to IEC 336:2005
Optional Accessories
05-102 Pro-Stand Pro-Stand works with Pro-HVL, Pro-Slit, and Pro-Pinhole
05-103 Pro-Stand MAM Slope adjustment piece to make Pro-Stand work for Mammography
05-104 Pro-Stand Align Alignment Verification Tools for Pro-Stand
05-105 CASE for Pro-Stand Optional Case for Pro-Stand
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