Pro-Pinhole - Pro Project
05-701 - 0.010mm size
05-702 - 0.030mm size
05-703 - 0.075mm size
05-704 - 0.100mm size

The Pro-Pinhole phantom is the so called pinhole camera for accurate measurement of the focal spot size according to IEC 60336:2005. Its main advantages are repeatability, accuracy and possibility to measure the size of different focal spots.

Technical data (can be modified to customer specifications):
Pro-Pinhole - Pinhole Camera for Focal Spot Size Measurement - Pro Project - Pinhole Diagram
Product features:
Models and Ordering
Item Number Item Name Item Description
05-701 Pro-Pinhole Pinhole camera - 0.010mm
05-702 Pro-Pinhole Pinhole camera - 0.030mm
05-703 Pro-Pinhole Pinhole camera - 0.075mm
05-704 Pro-Pinhole Pinhole camera - 0.100mm
Optional Accessories
05-102 Pro-Stand Pro-Stand works with Pro-HVL, Pro-Slit, and Pro-Pinhole
05-103 Pro-Stand MAM Slope adjustment piece to make Pro-Stand work for Mammography
05-104 Pro-Stand Align Alignment Verification Tools for Pro-Stand
05-105 CASE for Pro-Stand Optional Case for Pro-Stand
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