The ErgoLite® "V" Power Ventilated X-ray Vest
Air Cooled Comfort in an Ergonomic Design

Not only does this X-ray Protective Vest eliminate 100% of the weight and contact at the shoulder areas, Our Patented ErgoLite® "V" now combines its exclusive ergonomic design with a Ventilation/Cooling System, that helps keep you cool, making it even more of a Zero Fatigue Apron.

This is possible because of ErgoLite's® Unique design that keeps the garment separated from your upper body. This separation area allows for natural ventilation. Now, this natural ventilation has been enhanced with continuous air movement and ultimately cooled air movement.

Of course all of our ErgoLite® Aprons include a reinforced, flexible internal framework, that can entirely eliminate the Repetitive Stress and Fatigue Problems of the upper back and extremities associated with the shoulder contact and weight of conventional X-ray aprons, now combined with an internal cooling system.

ErgoLite® There's Nothing Else Like It!

The ErgoLite® "V" has an attached air circulator/chiller with continuously variable rheostatic control to adjust air flow to the porous inner lining of the Vest. Its powered by a small rechargeable lithium ion battery pack. A spare Battery Pack and Recharging unit keep you ready and recharged for your next case.

The ErgoLite® "V" Side View Close The ErgoLite® "V" Rear View Close

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ErgoLite® "V" Power Ventilated X-ray Vests & Kilts
Male Sizes
[Size Chart]
Color X-BAN® 0.5MM X-BAN® 0.35MM Lead Free 0.5mm Lead Free 0.35mm
Small Standard Color is Blue

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LP-EXV680-4 LP-EAV680-4 LP-ELV680-4 LP-EFV680-4
Medium LP-EXV681-5 LP-EAV681-5 LP-ELV681-5 LP-EFV681-5
Large LP-EXV682-6 LP-EAV682-6 LP-ELV682-6 LP-EFV682-6
X-Large LP-EXV683-7 LP-EAV683-7 LP-ELV683-7 LP-EFV683-7
Female Sizes
[Size Chart]
Color X-BAN® 0.5MM X-BAN® 0.35MM Lead Free 0.5mm Lead Free 0.35mm
Petite Standard Color is Blue

For Custom Colors Click Here
LP-EXV600-4 LP-EAV600-4 LP-ELV600-4 LP-EFV600-4
Small LP-EXV601-5 LP-EAV601-5 LP-ELV601-5 LP-EFV601-5
Medium LP-EXV602-6 LP-EAV602-6 LP-ELV602-6 LP-EFV602-6
Large LP-EXV603-7 LP-EAV603-7 LP-ELV603-7 LP-EFV603-7
ErgoLite® "V" Includes Vest & Kilt with Battery Operated Ventilation System, Spare Rechargeable Battery & Charger
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