IOUSFAN Kyoto Kagaku US-3
Abdominal Itraoperative Laproscopic Ultrasound Phantom

The Phantom Includes:

  • Liver (segmental anatomy, portal and hepatic venous systems, ligamentum teres and ligamentum venosum), biliary tract (gallbladder, cystic duct, intrahepatic and extrahepatic bile ducts),
  • Pancreas (pancreatic duct),
  • Spleen,
  • Kidneys,
  • Detailed Vascular structures (aorta, vena cava, celiac artery and its branches, portal vein and its branches, superior mesenteric vessels, renal vessels, etc)
Phantom taken apart
Phantom taken apart
Phantom from top view

Pathology includes:

Hepatic lesions (cystic and solid), gallbladder and bile duct stones, pancreatic tumors (one invading the portal vein), splenic lesions, both kidney lesions, and left adrenal tumor.

Set includes:

Upper abdomen ultrasound phantom Phantom container
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