Doppler Flow Pump - CIRS 769
Perform Sensitivity & Velocity QA on Doppler Ultrasound

The Doppler Flow Pump is designed to simulate blood flow in a tissue mimicking phantom, and may be used to perform quality assurance testing of Doppler ultrasound devices. The two most common tests are sensitivity and velocity accuracy, but a number of other useful tests are also described in the literature (see references).

The pump is compatible with all ATS and CIRS doppler flow phantoms.

The Pump includes the following components:
  1. A peristaltic pump that provides flow at rates from 0.04 to 750 ml/min, which translates to an average flow velocity of 2-70 cm/s. (Peak flow velocities will be 2-4 times greater than the average flow velocity, because of laminar and pulsatile flow.)
  2. A fluid reservoir pre-filled with CIRS Doppler fluid. Replacement fluid may be ordered separately.
  3. A pulse dampener that converts the pulsatile flow from the peristaltic pump into constant velocity flow.
  4. Convenient color-coded tubing with quick-disconnect fittings.
  5. Graduated cylinder for purging phantoms of Doppler Fluid after each use. Also useful for calibrating the pump.
  6. Pump-to-USB cable, allowing the pump to be programmed to mimic a human pulse. Instructions and examples are included.
Features *Actual value will vary depending on phantom used

Doppler Flow Pump - CIRS 769 - ultrasound 1
Doppler Ultrasound Flow Phantom showing pulsatile

Doppler Flow Pump - CIRS 769 - ultrasound 2
Doppler Ultrasound Flow Phantom showing continuous flow

Doppler Flow Pump
Motor Type Step motor
Motor Steps Per Revolution 200
Microstepping 1/8 to 1/1 depending on motor speed
DC Connector 2.1mm, center positive
Voltage at DC Connector 24V DC at full load
Amperage 900mA at full load
Power Supply Type Unregulated linear external wall adapter, country and power source specific
Power Supply Output Raiting 24V DC @ 1A
Dimensions 9" x 4" x 8" High
(23cm x 10cm x 20cm)
Weight 4.51 lbs. (2.05 kg)
Maximum Speed 372 rpm
Minimum Speed 0.0168 rpm
Maximum Pumping Rate 775.2 mL/min with 3/16 ID tubing
Minimum Pumping Rate 0.04 mL/min with 3/16 ID tubing
Doppler Fluid
Property Human Blood (37°) Doppler Fluid (22°)
Viscosity (mPa) 3 4 ± 0.5
Velocity (m/s) 1583 1570 ± 30
Attenuation (dB/cm/MHz) 0.15 < 0.1
Backscatter (f4 m-1 sr1) 4x10-31 Not Measured
Fluid Properties Non Newtonian Newtonian
"Validation of a New Blood-Mimicking Fluid for Use in Doppler Flow Test Objects",
K. Rammnarine, et. al., Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology, Vol. 24. No. 3, pp.454.
Compatible Phantoms
Model Description
ATS 524 & 525 Peripheral Vascular Doppler Flow Phantom
ATS 523 & 523A Cardiac Doppler Flow Phantom
069A Doppler Flow Phantom
Custom phantoms are available upon request. Contact customer service at for more information.

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