QUART dent/digitest 2.1 - 12107
Dental 2D Test Phantom

The QUART dent/digitest line of phantoms is designed to be used for QA/QC acceptance and routine testing in digital dental x-ray applications ranging from intra-oral, panoramic and cephalometric equipment.

The phantoms comly with IEC 61223-3-4 and IEC 61223-2-7, DIN 6868-151 and DIN 6868-5 as well as IPEM, ÖNORM, PN-EN standards and AFSSAPS regulations.

Phantoms feature notch for optional customised dent/digi H OPG holder. Separable design allows use for all dental modalities.Slit to slide out intra-oral sensor without pulling the cable. Also enables secure sensor cable routing. 2-point fitting for cephalometric systems.

Technical Specifications Parameters
Models and ordering
Item Number Name Description
12107 QUART dent/digitest 2.1 - 12107 Separable test phantom with open bottom segment. Internal 6 mm Al (99.5%), low contrast objects, 6 line pair resolution test pattern.

Conformance: DIN6868-151 & -7, IEC 61223-3-1 & -2-7, ÖNORM 5420-11 & -2.

Applications: intra-oral / Pano / Ceph.
12161 QUART CEPH Phantom Holder Universal holder for dent/digitest 3.1, 2.1, 3.0, 2.0 for QA testing at digital CEPH systems (suction holder, to be positioned on the smooth surface of a hand rest).
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