ECC Multifunction Meter, Electronic Control Concepts 820 & 820L
Measures kVp, mA, mAs, & Exposure Time

The 820 kVp / mAs Meter combines all the features of our kVp, along with an mA / mAs meter in one compact unit. The 820 is capable of measuring kVp, mA, mAs, and exposure time. The unit is self resetting, and automatically detects AC or DC x-ray currents, minimizing the possibility of inaccurate readings. With each mA reading, the unit stores and displays mA, mAs and exposure time. mA is sampled for a representative length of time and saved. This allows shorter exposure times minimizing x-ray exposure and wear and tear on the x-ray head. The Model 820 is battery operated, user-friendly, and has a two year warranty. Applications include verification of peak x-ray voltage, constancy checks, calibration of x-rays, and quality assurance measurement of exposure time. The unit is also used for half value layer determination, troubleshooting and repair of x-rays, and quality control.

The cable supplied with the unit serves as a switch. When the cable is plugged into the unit, it is automatically configured for mA readings. When the cable is unplugged the Model 820 functions as a kVp meter.

The introduction of the Model 820 allows service personnel to carry one instrument rather than an mAs Meter and a kVp Meter.


Low Range Model 820L

The low range version of the kVp meter boasts the flexibility to provide precision at low kVp and low mA operation. The low range option is perfect for digital x-rays as well as dental and fluoroscopy machines, which typically operate at lower kV and mA settings. The low range 820L can measure kVp as low as 40 kV and has increased current sensitivity to operate dependably down to 5mA at 50 kV. The low range models are optimized at lower currents and operates up to 115 kV at 100 mA. Contact Supertech for more information and pricing.

kVp Specifications
RANGE 820: 45 to 125 kV
820L: 40 to 115 kV
KVP ACCURACY 2% 1 kV, at 25 to 100 mA for 815, at 10 to 50 mA for 815L 18 to 42 cm from head, for Tungsten target x-ray tube with 1.5 mm Al equivalent filtration
EXPOSURE TIME ACCURACY 1% 2 millisecond (1/5 to 2 sec) Minimum exposure time is 100 milliseconds
(kVp Measurement)
100 millisec - High Speed Mode
200 millisec - High Resolution Mode
MINIMUM CURRENT (mA) 7 mA at 50 kV, 10 cm from x-ray source
(Also depends on focus / collimating)
mA / mAs Specifications for 820 & 820L
RANGE 200 mA Full Scale: 0.1 mA Resolution (mA or mAs)
                             10 Ohms Input Impedance
2A Full Scale 1 mA Resolution (mA or mAs)
1 Ohm Input Impedance
Range selection via pushbutton at power on
ACCURACY 2% 1mA on both ranges
CONNECTION Via 1 meter cable with two alligator clips
Connecting cable switches meter to mA /mAs
General Specifications for 820
DISPLAY 0.4"(10.2mm) Liquid Crystal, 8 Character Alphanumeric
POWER 4 AA Batteries accessible from bottom of case, Low Battery Indicator
BATTERY LIFE 48 hours continuous, typically 9 months of normal use
Control/ Indicators
ON/OFF Switch Illuminated push-button with green power-on indication
MODE Switch Momentary push-button
8 Character Liquid Crystal Display
Physical Size
150 x 120 x 58.5 mm
5.9 x 4.7 x 2.3 inches
WEIGHT: 0.7 kG (1.5 lb)

Padded Cordura Carrying Case 800CC
Hard Shell Carrying Case 800HC
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