3-Step Patient Positioner
This unique 3-step platform from Clear Image Devices allows for more positioning options

Getting your patients into the best X-ray position possible, without compromising their comfort, requires investing in positioning aids that enhance your imaging equipment's ability to capture a high quality diagnostic X-ray you can use. This unique 3-step platform allows for more positioning options, making positioning in radiography a much easier task.

1-Step Patient Positioner - 1 3-Step Patient Positioner - 2
3-Step Patient Positioner - 3 3-Step Patient Positioner - 4
3-Step Patient Positioner - 5 3-Step Patient Positioner - 6
3-Step Patient Positioner - 7 3-Step Patient Positioner - 8

Top Platform Dimensions
Length 17 in. / 43 cm
Width 19.5 in. / 50 cm
Height 24 in. / 41 cm
Handle Height 59 in. / 150 cm

Item # Description
24306-C50 For DR Systems: Canon CXDI-50, 60
24306-C55 For CR Systems and the following DR Systems: Canon CXDI-55, 70, 80, 401C, 501, 701C, 801C,
Carestream DRX-1, Fuji FDR D-EVO, Konica Minolta Aero DR, AGFA
24306-SY For DR Systems: Siemens Ysio, GE Flash Pad, Philips Wireless
24306-GE For DR Systems: GE XR650, GE AMX 700
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