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Product Overview:

The Leg Lift Positioning Device is a sturdy, safe, and reliable tool, designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of x-ray examinations, particularly targeting lower extremity imaging. Designed and manufactured in the United States, it aims to improve department productivity, patient experience, image quality, and reduce both staff radiation exposure and liability for hospitals and imaging departments.


This tool is versatile, with a wide range of applications in Radiography and Operative settings. Its uses include:

Addressing Challenges in Limb Positioning:

X-ray technicians often face challenges during limb positioning for X-ray examinations, including patient pain, fear, and limited mobility. The Leg Lift device addresses these issues by providing secure, comfortable support for patients' legs during exams, reducing pain and discomfort. It allows technicians to work efficiently even with limited experience.

Comparison to Existing Tools:

Unlike other available positioning tools, the Leg Lift provides comprehensive support for the patient's leg. It is floor-mounted, preventing it from being knocked over and the cradle design fully supports the patient's leg, allowing them to relax during imaging exams. This makes it particularly useful in hospital settings with high-acuity patients.

Radiation Protection:

The Leg Lift device is designed with radiation safety in mind. It reduces exposure to scatter radiation for x-ray technicians who are at risk when holding and positioning patients during examinations. It enables x-ray technicians to maintain a safe distance, thereby reducing their risk of developing certain cancers linked to ionizing radiation.

Diagnostic Radiology Productivity:

The Leg Lift contributes significantly to diagnostic radiology productivity, particularly in cases of staffing shortages. It can reduce the time needed for hip exams from 15-20 minutes to a much shorter duration. The device acts as an extra set of hands, doing the job of a second technician, making it essential for departments with limited staffing.

This product is ideal for hospitals and clinics prioritizing sturdy, reliable support and aiming to enhance their patient care and diagnostic capabilities.

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