Tru-Vue Pillow for Knee Radiography - XIC
Lateral View, Merchant View, Sunrise View, Tunnel View

Tru-Vue Pillow is the essential tool whenever x-rays of the knee are performed. The Tru-Vue Pillow is easy to use, cost-effective, highly portable, and hygienic. Patients stay safe and comfortably supported by the pillow and do not have to change positions for different views.

Tru-Vue Pillow helps save time; helps clinics save money; helps patients be more comfortable while being x-rayed; and helps provide doctors with the best knee x-rays possible.

In addition, Tru-Vue Pillow improves patient's safety by reducing the need for repeat imaging.

4 Views with One Great Tool! When requesting a quote and placing an order, please specify the thicknesses of your cassette or receptor. If possible, please note the manufacturer and model. This information will assure the correct pillow is provided.

Tru-Vue Pillow for Knee Radiography Lateral View
Lateral View
Tru-Vue Pillow for Knee Radiography Merchant View
Merchant View
Tru-Vue Pillow for Knee Radiography Sunrise View
Sunrise View
Tru-Vue Pillow for Knee Radiography Tunnel View
Tunnel View


"As a Fellow Technologist, we all know the difficulty in obtaining quality radiographs. The Tru-Vue Pillow assists us in meeting the physician's high expectations. I'm confident, that in your first attempt, you will be able to accurately position the patient and receive quality exams by using the Tru-Vue Pillow."

      -Robert A Sedillo, R.R.T.
       Designer of the Tru-Vue Pillow
       29 Years Radiologic Technology Experience

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