Pedia-Poser™ Model # 24301
Pediatric Positioning Chair

Pedia-Poser Model # 24301 Pediatric Positioning Chair

The Pedia-Poser provides fast, gentle, and secure immobilization of infants through 4-year olds for X-ray imagining. Its uniquely designed saddle seat, with detachable saddle horn, is form-fitting and very safe. The bench seat for older children includes a detachable saddle horn that aids in positioning. In either configuration, the saddle horn supports a protective genital lead shield.

Immobilization is done gently but securely. Eliminates virtually all retakes, saving time and money. The patient is secured only once, the chair rotates, quickly positioning for different views. This simple, reliable, product is the child-friendly solution for pediatric positioning. Adjustable back and head-tilt support fits patients of all sizes.


For Infants:

The infant saddle seat is used for infants through about 8 month olds. Soft stretchy Velcro straps are used to secure the arms in the desired pose. The chin strap is also used to support the head and neck.

For Toddlers:

The bench seat is used with toddlers up to small 4 year olds. The seat can be placed in one of two seat slots depending on the height of the child. The chair back adjusts to the height of the child. The non-stretchy Velcro straps are used with the stronger toddlers to secure their arms in the desired pose. The chin strap is used to achieve the desired head tilt.

Pedia-Poser Chair #24301
Image Type AP Lateral Oblique
C-Spine X X X
Chest X X  
Abdominal X    
Magnified Airway X X  

Pedia-Poser Toddler Seat Upper Position Pedia-Poser Toddler and Infant Seat Pedia-Poser Adjustable Head Rest

Pedia-Poser Diagram

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