Octostop® Universal Octopaque® - Pediatric and Infant Positioner

The unique pediatric immobilization solution that takes into consideration the best possible comfort of the young patients undergoing x-rays, arteriography or magnetic / nuclear resonance imaging.

Carefully selected wooden board, verified and radio-transparent. On one octogon, stable positions every 45°, on the support(s), ISOCENTRIC rotation and stability in all positions. Adapted head cushions, Velcro® straps and Velcro® blankets for fast immobilization.

For hygiene purposes, OCTOSTOP recommends the use of disposable nurses caps to cover the patient’s head after each patient.

Components Included: Applications Product Variations:

PA-03 OCTOPAQUE (without accessories)
PA-05 OCTOPAQUE (complete kit)
PA-06 OCTOPAQUE (kit with vertical support)
PA-07 OCTOPAQUE (wide board)
PA-08 OCTOPAQUE – 60 cm board (complete kit)
PA-09 OCTOPAQUE – 75 cm board (complete kit)

U-shape cushon for the head
"U"-shape for the head
6 to 60 months
0 to 6 months
L-shape cushion for the head and arms
"L"-shape for the head and arms

Vertical Support
Vertical Support Cushion Pic 1 Vertical Support Cushion Pic 2
Fastens to the table with hooks and adjustable belts. A steel wire holds the octagon while allowing rotation.

Velcro® Blankets
Velcro® blankets
ST-07 LARGE 67 x 29 cm
ST-08 SMALL 59 x 22 cm
Velcro® Straps
Velcro® Straps

Other Components
OC-01 MR Octagons OC-01 MR OCTAGONS
supports and hardware
Two Velcro® Stripes ST-10 TWO VELCRO® STRIPES:
90 x 5 cm self-adhesive for back of boards
Minipaque® Board BO-01 MINIPAQUE® board:
50 x 14.3 cm
Regular Board BO-02 Regular board:
100 x 16 x 1.3 cm
Large Board BO-03 Large board:
100 x 23 x 1.3 cm

Must be used only by qualified personnel, according to appropriate procedures, and under the responsibility of a physician.

OCTOSTOP® Inc. and its personnel do not assume any liability regarding the use, indications, consequences, or any situation directly or indirectly related to its products.

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