CR Cassette Protectors
Film, CR Cassette Protection

No more broken cassettes! The unique design of the Cassette Protector allows for efficient and accurate weight bearing x-rays of feet, (AP view). The Cassette Protector is simply placed over a cassette which is first positioned on the floor. Patients step onto the Cassette Protector with as much weight as needed to get the desired image.

This product is now certified for sale in Europe.      CE Logo

Item # Size Capacity
Item 2934X 10 x 12 inch or 24 x 30cm 750 lb
Item 3947X 14 x 17 inch 750 lb


This is the old style of panel protector. The new design shown above is far superior because it does not have screws around the edge to collect bacteria, or weaken the panel protector. As you can see with the old style, when patients stood on the center of the panel protector, over time, cracks formed around the screws. The cracks are also a place for bacteria to harbor. We feel the new design provides greater satisfaction. This old style is discontinued.

CR Cassette Protector
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