Browning Ball - BRBALL
Position children's arms to clear lung field

Browning Ball for children's chest x-rays
Hugging to the chest makes
the Browning Ball effective
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  • Arm Straps help patients hold still when hugging the ball
  • Medical Grade Vinyl Coating for Durability & Puncture Resistance
  • Easy to Clean and Disinfect
  • Color: Blue Steele
Browning Ball
Safety Shaped, Non-Rolling

Combining Play with Hugs for Better Images

Browning Ball - Child Hugging Browning Ball - Child Holding Over Head
Browning Ball - Child Laying Down and Holding Ball

  • Use of the Browning Ball removes the Scapulae from the lung field of the image
  • No Artifacts in Image
  • No change in Exposure Factors **
  • Patient interacts with Technologist – Children like to play
  • Interaction often helps reduce the patients fear level which increases co-operation and reduces exam time
Additional applications: Upright Abdomen / Kidney, Ureter, Bladder (KUB) Exams

The product weighs 2# 15 oz
Ships by dim weight of 31#

The Browning Ball was developed by Bruce K. Browning, R.T.

The Browning Ball was featured in RT Journal, Nov/Dec 2007, author: Bruce K. Browning R.T.
PA Chest Exam done AP

Browning Ball Scan Image

Annotated Image Outlining Scapulae

**The ball may darken the image a bit. In CR / DR, the image can be easily manipulated. Clinical studies of use with Film / Screen systems demonstrate that use of the Browning Ball did not impair the Radiologist’s ability to diagnose.

How do I use it? Browning Ball: A Toy Story - Article published in rt image

Browning Ball Instruction Manual For Use

Patent: US 8,556,507 B1

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