57-430 Thin Build Up Filter Clear-Pb® &
57-434 Thick Build Up Filter Clear-Pb®

Build Up Compensation Filters are made of a lead-plastic material that is 30% lead by weight. Since lead is an efficient absorber of x-rays, the filters will attenuate the x-ray beam. By varying the shape and thickness of the filters, many combinations of filtering action can be achieved from almost complete attenuation to full penetration.

CLEAR-Pb® Filters should be used with a rare-earth film/screen combination to improve image quality and keep patient exposure to a minimum. CLEAR-Pb® Compensation Filters are not compatible with gradient speed intensifying screens. Consult your film manufacturer for the proper film/screen combination.

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57-430 Thin Build Up Filter

57-434 Thick Build Up Filter
Thick and Thin Build Up Filters

Used with AP/PA filters. Provides additional filtration in the cervical area to compensate for the added exposure that may be needed in the thoracic/lumbar area.

The Thin Buildup Filter is used for patients with measurements from 14 to 25 cm. The Thick Build Up Filter is used for patients whose measurements exceed 25 cm.

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