CT Dose Nested Phantom Set 76-424-4156ST
Pediatric / Adult Head & Body

This set of nested CTDI Phantoms are each made from a solid casting (no glue lines in image) and have a solid center back that keeps the inner pieces from sliding through. This set may be used with any CT system to collect the data for maximum, mid-range, and minimum values of the tomographic section thickness.

The set consists of 3 pieces that when fully assembled are used for the adult body. The two smaller pieces are assembled to use for an Adult Head / Pediatric Body. The inner piece is used for the Pediatric Head. Each piece of this set comes with "4" - .515 holes drilled 1cm from the outer diameter and the center phantom has a center hole. Acrylic rods are supplied to fill all the holes.

The CT Dose Phantoms were designed in accordance with the Food and Drug Administration’s performance standard for diagnostic x-ray systems, which includes regulations specifically applicable to CT systems (21 CFR 1020.33).

CT Dose Phantom with inner parts extended CT Dose Phantom assembled
Phantom shown with inner parts extended Assembled Phantom

CT Dose Phantom in protective carrying case
CT Dose Phantom protective carrying case Front CT Dose Phantom protective carrying case Back
Phantom includes a rugged rolling case with telescoping handle to make transporting and storage easy and convenient.

CT Nested Dose Phantom
Actual Weight Assembled Weight Diameter
Center Pediatric Head 3 lbs 3 lbs 10 cm
Center + Middle Adult Head / Pediatric Body 5 lbs 8 lbs 16 cm
Center + Middle + Outer Ring Adult Body 25 lbs 33 lbs 32 cm
Phantom + Case Shipping Weight     65 lbs  

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