Visual-Tactile Breast Examination Simulator Kyoto Kagaku M-44

This model allows training in differentiation of four typical breast lumps including a cancer with dimple sign. Palpable clavicle and ribs are also embedded under the soft breast tissue. Effective both for professionals and for breast-self-examination education.

Features Specifications

Set includes:

Breast model attached to the case

A: cancer with dimple sign

B: cancer with depression in the skin

C: fibroadenoma

D: mastopathy

1 talcum powder

Model with case size: 20 x 28 x 15H cm, 2 kg, 4.5 lbs

Packing size: 21 x 30 x 17H cm, 2.2 kg, 5 lbs

*Specifications are subject to change.
M-44 Phantom Target Diagram

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