Smart and Sanitary Gonad Shield

Why You Need: smart and sanitary gonadal shielding.

For years, the Radiologic Technologist (RT) has been forced to use a wide variety of impractical gonadal shielding devices with-out prior scholastic or professional instruction on how to do so. This has led to un-wanted repeated x-rays, that exposes patients to harmful radiation. Not to mention how easily the small, medium and large gonadal shields are lost, raising the overhead of hospital and imaging center unnecessarily.

Gonaprons™ Gonaprons™
You're looking at an AP Pediatric chest x-ray using the Gonapron™ enclosed in the protec-tive Gonabag™. The Gonaprons™ patent pending design allows for sturdy reliability while the Gonabag™ is a disposable plastic bag contoured to the Gonapron™ for seamless use.

Helping you achieve your shielding goals.

The Gonapron is an innovative approach to Radiation Safety's third cardinal rule, shielding. The Gonapron™ a .5mm lead equivalent tri-shielding device with a 3.5" pediatric gonadal shield, a 6" adult gonadal shield and a 10" X 12" half apron built all in one. This groundbreaking design allows your RT to find even the tiniest 3.5" pediatric gonadal shield just as quickly as they would spot a much larger 13" x 18" lead garment. This translates into fewer missing gonadal shields and less overall expense. Plus, each Gonapron™ comes with a fully illustrated positioning guide for instant professional instructions.

Gonabag™ on apron
Gonacenter™ with Gonapron™ stored.

When used with a disposable Gonabag™ The Gonapron™ becomes the worlds first true single-use, sanitary gonadal shielding device. It's safe to use with direct contact, reverse isolation patients, in cradles, basinets, and incubators, fills every imaging application. For erect X-rays, we have The Gonabag Plus™, with a 52" plastic strap and a re-attachable adhesive surface. Both easily dispensed from The Gonacenter™ where The Gonapron™ is stored to keep it in like new condition.


Gonapron guide

The Gonaprons™ Positioning Guide takes excellence in procedural innovation to the next level. Now, a Radiologic Technologist no longer has to guess were to place the shield on a patient. The easy to understand, step by step instruction and illustration guide makes accurate placement of gonadal shielding a certainty, each and every time.

The Gonaprons™ Positioning Guide

The secret is in The Gonaprons™ anatomy and cross matching it with the bodies anatomical landmarks to get reproducible results without obstructing the anatomy of interest.

Gonapron in use
Gonabag Plus™ in use

Item Description
Gonapron™ Universal x-ray blocking .5mm lead equivalency universal gonad shield and half-apron
Gonabag™ Plastic sanitary bag Gonapron™ protector, 50 pcs per case
Gonabag Plus™ Plastic bag for sanitary shielding of Gonapron™ during erect x-rays with 52" strap and re-attachable adhesive surface, 50 pcs per case
Gonacenter™ Store the Gonaprons", and dispense the Gonabag", and Gonabag Plus" for easy access
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!
Lead apron and lead shielding software. Used with barcoding system to track inventory/ integrity testing
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