Half Aprons, Snap Ring Mini Aprons & Maternity Shield

Half Aprons
  • Velcro® closure
  • Easy on / Easy off
  • Color Coded
  • 0.5 MM Protection
  • 100% urethane coated nylon cover
  • Lifetime Warranty
Half Aprons
Size Color Cat #
10 x 12 Burgundy LP-803
14 x 15 Blue LP-804
16 x 18 Green LP-805
Set/all 3 Burgundy, Blue, Green LP-806

Snap Ring Mini Aprons
  • 0.5 MM Protection
  • Coated Spring Steel Waistband
Snap Ring Mini Aprons
Size Cat #
20 x 25 CM LP-807
30 x 30 CM LP-808
36 x 41 CM LP-809
41 x 51 CM LP-810
Rack R-811
Set & Rack LP-812

RayShield® Maternity Shield
Designed to add an additional 0.5MM lead equivalent frontal protection of the utero-fallopian area when used in conjunction with a 600 Series Vest and Kilt. Provides excellent added protection for those who are at risk of becoming pregnant and during the first trimester of pregnancy. Shown being used with LPX-600 Kilt, sold seperately. RayShield® Maternity Shield
Color Cat #
Blue LP-840
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