Lightweight Economy Aprons
Support Buckle™ Lightweight Economy Aprons

Our Support Buckle™ Apron's special design places support where you need it, directly at your lower back area. This back-support effectively transfers most of the apron's weight to your hips, providing a comfortable and effective back support apron that greatly reduces fatigue.

Economy Aprons are only made in the colors specified on the chart below. Color and embroidery choices are available only on Super Lightweight & ErgoLite styles.

Lead Equivalent Protective Aprons are manufactured using X-Ban® Lightweight, creating an optimized protective apron material, which provides either .35mm or 0.5MM lead equivalence while averaging a weight improvement that is 15% lighter than conventional lead vinyl aprons of similar lead equivalence.

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Support Buckle™
Lightweight Economy Aprons
[Size Chart]
Color X-BAN® 0.5MM X-BAN® 0.35MM
Small Teal LP-X200Z LP-A200Z
Medium Blue LP-X201Z LP-A201Z
Large Burgundy LP-X202Z LP-A202Z
X-Large Navy LP-X203Z LP-A203Z
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