Economy Super Lightweight X-Ban® ErgoFit® Vest & Kilt Sets

Our ErgoFit® design apron is the solution to back fatigue. At 15 to 20% less weight than a conventional vest/kilt, the ErgoFit® more effectively eliminates back stress and user fatigue. The ErgoFit® reduces weight by eliminating the overlapping front closures of the conventional vest/skirt. Combined with AADCO's exclusive ErgoFit® Back Support System, it transfers nearly 100% of the apron’s weight to your hips, eliminates most shoulder weight and repetitive stress on sensitive contact points of the body. ErgoFit® Aprons reduce body fatigue and repetitive stress without internal stay supports and at an economical price.

Economy Aprons are only made in the colors specified on the chart below. Color and embroidery choices are available only on Super Lightweight & ErgoLite styles.

Lead Equivalent Protective Aprons are manufactured using X-Ban® Lightweight, creating an optimized protective apron material, which provides either .35mm or 0.5MM lead equivalence while averaging a weight improvement that is 15% lighter than conventional lead vinyl aprons of similar lead equivalence.

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Economy SuperLightweight X-Ban® ErgoFit® Vest & Kilt Sets
Male Size Suit Size Color X-BAN® 0.5MM X-BAN® 0.35MM
Small up to 38 Teal LP-X400Z LP-A400Z
Medium 39-42 Blue LP-X401Z LP-A401Z
Large Vest 43-46 Burgundy LP-X402Z LP-A402Z
X-Large Vest 47-50 Navy LP-X403Z LP-A403Z
Female Size Dress Size Color X-BAN® 0.5MM X-BAN® 0.35MM
Petite up to 6 Teal LP-X480Z LP-A480Z
Small 8-10 Blue LP-X481Z LP-A481Z
Medium 12-14 Burgundy LP-X482Z LP-A482Z
Large 16-18 Navy LP-X483Z LP-A483Z
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