Upright Interventional X-ray Barrier

Upright Interventional X-ray Barrier - Rayshield S-620

Our Upright Interventional X-ray Barrier allows you to work comfortably in a variety of positions, in a standing position. Our RayShield® Clear Lead Acrylic Barrier is shaped to allow your hands and forearms to be placed comfortably on the patient's side of the barrier, allowing you to work comfortably, while with the added protection of a 0.5mm lead equivalent X-ray Barrier. The barrier is mobile and moves easily. It may also be locked in position with its locking casters. The clear lead acrylic barrier measures 76 cm. wide by 60 cm. high (30"x24"). The opaque section of the barrier is 0.8mm lead equivalence.

Part #S-620

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