Vasc Pro™ Vascular Ultrasound Table
058-732 (115v) / 058-733 (230v)
The ergonomic choice for long-leg vascular studies.

The Biodex Vasc Pro Ultrasound Table is the economical choice when performing vascular scanning. The table design will help improve images by providing dramatic 30-degree reverse Trendelenburg positioning. The foot support and body straps stabilize the patient safely throughout the procedure.

The Vasc Pro Table is so accommodating it reduces the total amount of time required to achieve a quality image. The 30-degree positioning expands lower extremity veins for maximum vessel dilation and faster and easier recognition of structures. Patient comfort is assured, even through lengthy procedures by a thick mattress and table adjustability, including Fowler positioning to 80-degrees.

Optional side rais are flush to table
Optional side rails are flush to the table,
enabling closer access to the patient,
without sonographer contortion.
Fowler positioning to 80 degrees
Fowler positioning to 80-degrees
accommodates natural body extension
and sitting position without slide or shift.

Additional accessories available: foot controller, vascular scanning arm board, folding side rails, IV pole and paper dispenser.

Accommodates Bariatric Patients Specifications Sold in Canada and Europe

Models and Ordering
058-732 Table, Vascular Ultrasound, Vasc Pro™, 115 VAC
Includes Hand Controller.
058-733 Table, Vascular Ultrasound, Vasc Pro™, 230 VAC
Includes Hand Controller.
058-704 Chair, Ergonomic, Sonography
058-741 Foot Controller
058-633 Side Rails, Folding
058-736 Arm Board, Articulating Scanning
058-737 IV Pole
058-611 Dispenser, Paper
with Cutter Strap
058-738 Extension, Headrest
056-612 Table Paper, Hygenic, 12 rolls
18"w x 225' l (46 cm x 69 m)
*Note: Options are installed by the customer

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