Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table
058-720 (115v) / 058-725 (230v)
Sonographer-friendly design

Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table
Ergonomic and comfort-focused design.

The redesigned Ultra Pro™ Ultrasound Table is dedicated to general ultrasound procedures including OB/GYN. Ergonomics are enhanced to provide greater patient and sonographer comfort, with an assortment of table options to suit your department needs. The table is so accommodating, it reduces the total amount of time required to achieve a quality image.

There are no barriers between sonographer and patient, allowing correct scanning posture to help prevent musculoskeletal injury. Rails are flush to the table, enabling closer access to the patient, without sonographer contortion. When not in use, rails fold beneath the table, eliminating obstruction.

The motorized Fowler back is infinitely adjustable up to 80° via hand or optional foot controller. The leg section drops down to 40° for patients with circulatory issues and 80° for stirrup access. Five-inch locking swivel casters and a central locking system, accessible from either side of the table, secure table position.

Enhanced central floor locking system offers easier access from around the table, and motorized Fowler back accommodates natural body extension and sitting position without shift. A new antimicrobial vinyl mattress cover ensures patient comfort, while safeguarding against infection.

Rails fold beneath the table
Rails fold beneath the table when not
in use, eliminating obstruction.
Motorized Fowler back
Motorized Fowler back accommodate natural
body extension and sitting position without shift.

Accommodates Bariatric Patients Specifications Sold in Canada and Europe

Models and Ordering
058-720 Table, Ultrasound, Ultra Pro™, 115 VAC
Includes Hand Controller.
All options available separately*
058-725 Table, Ultrasound, Ultra Pro™, 230 VAC
Includes Hand Controller.
All options available separately*
058-704 Chair, Ergonomic, Sonography
058-741 Foot Controller
058-633 Side Rails, Folding
058-652 Stirrups, Retractable
058-736 Arm Board, Articulating Scanning
058-737 IV Pole
058-611 Dispenser, Paper
with Cutter Strap
058-738 Extension, Headrest
056-612 Table Paper, Hygenic, 12 rolls
18"w x 225' l (46 cm x 69 m)
*Note: Options are installed by the customer

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