Deluxe L-Block Shield
Ideal for PET pharmacies

The Deluxe L-Block Shield is designed for managing large quantities of high-energy radionuclides. The shield is constructed of 2.4" thick lead encased in steel, and features a large 8" x 8" x 4" lead glass window. A convenient lever allows quick adjustment of window to optimal angle for any user and procedures. The optional 042-417 Lead Brick Cave fits neatly into the sides of the vertical section to provide lateral shielding around the full perimeter of the L-Block's base.

A special plate with a hex-shaped recess is mounted on the base to facilitate one-handed loading and unloading of dose pigs incorporating hex-shaped bottoms.


042-413 Deluxe L-Block Shield 042-417 Interlocking Lead Brick Cave 042-407 Steel Table
Interlocking Lead Brick Cave: 042-417

042-413 L-Block Shield, Deluxe, 2.4" lead
042-417 Lead Brick Cave, 3-wall, 2.4" lead
Fits 042-413 L-Block Shield.
042-407 Table, Steel

Biodex L-Block Shields incorporate a hex-shaped plate to facilitate one-handed loading and unloading of Biodex PET Pigs.
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